Chers amis
Ce samedi, la musique et la vie reprennent leurs droits.
Ha Yang Kim, compositrice et violoncelliste new yorkaise, a participé deux fois à des projets société de curiosités.
Avec Stefan Poetszche ce samedi : Violoncelle, alto, violon, électronique..
Ouverture des portes à 20 heures, concert 21
(traduction à venir)
Since 2000, composer-cellist Ha-Yang Kim (USA) and violinist-composer Stefan Poetzsch (Germany) have collaborated on performances, sound art installations and multi-media projects in Europe and in the US. Influenced by classical, jazz, rock, free improvisation, avant-garde experimental, Korean, African, Balinese, and South Indian traditions, they bring together strings and live electronics in a fresh organic way which weaves their musical styles into an entirely new language and platform which stretches the acoustical nature of the instruments into innovative sound realms.
For the performance on Saturday, the duo will perform spontaneous improvisations on violin, viola, cello, and various kalimbas with electronics.
Here’s a short bio for Stefan Poetzsch:

Poetzsch was born in Magedburg/East Germany in 1963. After the long study of classical violin since the early childhood he changed his interest in the direction of Jazz, Contemporary Music, free improvistion.

He works aside from pure projects as musician with the dancer Bettina Essaka in various projects. He is specialised on the involvement of electronic possibilities for violin/viola in composition. He did CD and radio productions and music for theater. He received awards for his music.
As musician and composer he performed at Festivals and concerts in several countries in Europe/Africa/Japan and US.
Serving the dual roles of composer and performer, one critic was prompted to write that Stefan’s performance was « of technical brilliance. Was it the notes that guided the hands or was it the spirit? Only when this question cannot be clearly answered, one speaks of mastership. »
He does not accept the rigid sound and technique most people associate with the violin. Instead, he approaches the violin as a source of new sounds.
Here’s a short bio from me:
Born in Seoul, Korea, Ha-Yang Kim is a composer, cellist, and improvisor whose musical life draws from a range of western classical music, American experimentalism, rock, electronic, noise, avant-improv, to non-western musical sources. She’s performed throughout the US, Russia, Turkey, Morocco, Cuba, Bali, Canada, Europe, and Asia at festivals and concert halls around the world. Ms. Kim has performed Balinese gamelan music, studied Karnatic (South Indian) music concepts, and has worked with artists and ensembles such as Meredith Monk, Cecil Taylor, John Zorn, Christian Wolff, poet Anne Waldman, among many many others. « AMA », a CD of her own compositions is released on Tzadik. She is currently preparing a new CD of her string quartet, Threadsuns, to be released on Tzadik in Spring 2014. Ms. Kim lives and works in New York City.
Samedi 9 Novembre 2011
Ouverture des portes à 20 heures, concert 21h
Participation aux frais à partir de 5 euros.
123 rue de clignancourt, Paris 18e, mro Simplon, marcadet.

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