Samedi 18 Avril 2015 : THE INSTRUMENT I TEN HORIZONS / danse

The Instrument | Ten Horizons
(durée: 45min)

pièce pour les corps imaginaires et les traces audibles.

Invitée par la plateforme Instant Pudding! pour une semaine de masterclasse du 13 au 17 avril et à l’occasion de sa venue à Paris, Maya M. Carroll et Roy Carroll (The Instrument) présenteront leur dernière performance : Ten Horizons.

PAF : 7-10€ (au choix)

Si vous souhaitez également découvrir le travail de Maya Carroll en tant que pédagogue, nous vous invitons chaleureusement à venir voir la performance de fin de stage du MAC#3, qui aura lieu le même jour à 17h, au même endroit! Les performers du stage partageront un moment de recherches avec les outils et matières traversés durant la semaine.

The Instrument orbits around the collaborative work of Maya M. Carroll and Roy Carroll, and was formed in Berlin in 2011. Maya and Roy have created work together in diverse contexts ranging from full Stadttheater productions to living room actions, – in Berlin and Germany and also further afield such as Prague, Athens, Dublin, Groningen, Rome, Naples and Tel Aviv. Their first creation as The Instrument is Magic Valley (2011) in collaboration with Sandra Lolax (dancer) and costume and stage designer Sarah Marguier.

Working as a choreographer and teacher all over Germany and Europe Maya has been making dances and performing her work in state theaters, independent venues and alternative spaces. Maya’s work evolves from the tension and interplay between reality and fantasy while reflecting on radical human conditions and relationships. Sound, images, poetry and music speak through the body and articulate narratives and emotional realms. Her physical work detects details, hunts for beauty and survival.

Roy operates at the interstice of electrical and acoustic sound, his work explores the physicality of music through provoking and investigating kinetic interactions between his materials; – denuded loudspeakers, resonant objects, textured materials, feedback loops, the moving body, acoustic spaces, – instability as a creative prerogative even. His compositional work is similarly focused, but with some consideration for repeatability and the nature of repeatability.

facebook page: The Instrument

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