The Personal Case / dosage

Novembre 2009 / Février 2010, 4 rendez vous avec Sayoko / dosage

The Personal Case / dosage n°2   2009

communication between the different elements of the individual musicians/artists.
experiment on the case through finding their musical source.
•         •         •    Theme

Sound   –   Oto

Harmony   –   Chôwa

Rhythm   –   Litsudô

Voice + Language   –   Koe

Movement   –   Mai

•         •    Musicians / Artists
Gaël Angelis    Frederick Galiay         Samon Takahashi          Nekohana (dosage n°2)      with Sayoko (dosage n°2)

n°1 :  30/oct/09  Gaël Angelis + Sayoko

Gaël A. brings his recent project “DeathByCar”/ doom metal & fields recording.
The purpose is to create physical space/ air compression with a low octave bass
and emotional/poetic space with fields reality (recording composition and amplified objects) to obtain new imaginary environment and to explore capabilities of human auditory perception.
Instrument : Low octave bass, amplifier, microphones, magnetic field, objects

Sayoko drops herself into the environment , plays the subtle and edge of dosage.
Using her voices and piano.

n°2 :  20/nov/09    Frederick Galiay + Sayoko

The sound, shaped by the mental distance that proceeds a complete confrontation with the whole.

Frederick G. and Sayoko experiment 2 different sections of electronic and acoustic.
Express their emotions of conflict and conflux into an eccentric-poetic field.

1)  Electronic   :    Frederick (AKS synthi )     + Sayoko (synthe, voix)

2)  Acoustic     :    Frederick (bass, objects)  + Sayoko (piano, voix)

n°3 :  Frederick Galiay, Gaël Angelis, Nekohana and Sayoko

n°4  :   26 /02/10    Alan Boans + Sayoko

Nekohana  :    guitar and samples

Sayoko      :   voix, piano, bass and synthe

•          •      Bio  & Llinks
Sayoko  :         composer, author, and performance artist.
Trained in classical piano in Japan from age 5 to 17, she also studied contemporary  dance in New York and Paris for 10 years.  She spent the 90’s mostly in New York working as a singer and instrumentalist, performing with a dance company and in films, and producing cultural events.  After her project «DOSAGE» released its album «empties» in 2000 on Tzadik Records, she moved to Paris where she began to experiment and collaborate with electronic musicians.  Her compositions play with contrasts between organic human performance and its technological counterparts, creating a subtle harmony between the raw sounds of acoustic instruments, the voice as instrument, abstract lyrics, and synthetic electro noise.    Sayoko further utilizes the symbiosis of the two polar opposites to choreograph and create performances that coordinate movement with space.
Gaël Angelis  :       sound artist, musician,
Frederick Galiay  :  composer, musician, visual artist

“In the beginning there’s a sound, the raw mineral, which (with the aid of a mental chisel) is sculpted, reduced, riddled with empty spaces and processed as you might process rock to extract precious metals. Refining the material, chiselling and shaping until, in certain cases, there’s nothing left. Or leaving it raw, massive, almost untouched because it’s already shaped by the mental distance that proceeds a complete confrontation with the whole.

This construction made from remains, sometimes with props or tools, could be a deconstruction by fear of not understanding matter, in its density and immensity. The immense matter is impossible to grasp and this is why one has to dig into it, dive into it, surrender into it. Our minds must be forced into motion because they have the ability to be displaced.
The reverse is not true, which would come down to asking the ocean to become solid to enable us to erect cathedrals or tall buildings on it, Icarian structures intent on scraping skies that could not care less about them.” -Fréderick Galiay

Samon Takahashi  : contemporary artist, electronic musican,

Nekohana  :           guitarist, programmer and a member of the project Dosage aka Stephane S.  co-producer and recording engneer of
the album  Dosage /  Sur_electronique.

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